My name is Shawn Anderson and I have collected Muhammad Ali autographs for many years now.  Like most inexperienced collectors at one time or another, I fell victim to forgeries.  When this happened, I promised myself that it wouldn't happen again.  I have spent countless hours communicating with collectors and other autograph experts and studying Muhammad Ali's signature.  I created this site to educate and inform you about Muhammad Ali autographs and help you make the right decision when purchasing The Greatest's signed memorabilia.

On this website you will find informative articles, reference photos and much more.   

2/13/18 - It has been brought to my attention that many of the images on this site don't currently work.  In the past months, I have had very little time to manage this site, answer emails, etc.  As I like to say: sometimes, life gets in the way.  I am currently addressing the issues on the site starting with the 'Examples' section.  This will not be a quick fix but I am working on it.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and this site over the years and I am sorry to those who have turned to this site only to find it mostly down.


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